all opposite of "clean gliedrigen"

en clean

armed, spotted, bedraggled, profane, unfair, random, soiled, smirched, nonkosher, unwashed, greasy, uncertain, cursory, fouled, unjust, flyblown, unchaste, qualified, stained, soil, travel-soiled, defiled, tarnished, aimless, dingy, germy, unfairly, contaminating, oily, besmear, below the belt, bemire, supplied, packed, polluted, sully, uncleaned, haphazard, terefah, ratty, buggy, infected, filled, spoil, blemished, slipshod, indecent, tacky, vulgar, corrupt, full, defile, augean, grungy, begrime, impure, lewd, foul-mouthed, salacious, flush, vicious, maculate, limited, overflowing, squalid, blackened, immodest, bespatter, begrimed, colly, feculent, occupied, dirty-minded, grubby, grimy, tainted, immoral, befouled, unseemly, debase, maladroit, deprave, shallow, unsterile, off-color, smutty, improper, travel-stained, illegible, ribald, befoul, filthy, unsterilized, besmirched, doubtful, unscrupulous, scatological, desultory, snotty, besmirch, unrefined, addicted, pollute, incomplete, superficial, hard, discolored, hit-or-miss, questionable, foul, vitiate, cruddy, coarse, narrow, difficult, scabrous, provided, black, nasty, unprincipled, restricted, sordid, cobwebby, replete, foul-spoken, unswept, indelicate, sullied, tref, uncleanly, contaminate, blasphemous, septic, blue, scummy, smudgy, sooty, equivocal, imperfect, furnished, muddy, indecorous, grime, crude, unclean, raunchy, untouchable, stain, snot-nosed, complete, teeming, lousy, uncomplete, obscene, unsportsmanlike, taint, unethical, draggled, dubious, dirty, dirty-faced, unrighteous, mucky, wrong, bawdy, tasteless,