english opposite of "short tempered"

en short

perennial, abundant, long-wooled, uplifted, womb-to-tomb, strong, long-handled, long-drawn-out, in height, time-consuming, lifted, loquacious, sturdy, pole-handled, lank, extendable, enough, extendible, ample, extended, longitudinal, everlasting, teeming, flexible, elongated, persistent, long-shanked, weeklong, stretch, largish, tall, longish, cultivated, circuitous, unending, altitudinous, bountiful, pliant, all-night, wordy, long-range, longstanding, gallant, voluminous, overflowing, civil, adequate, considerable, elastic, towering, long-legged, oversize, lengthy, bimestrial, long, overnight, verbose, sufficient, long-term, polished, plentiful, yearlong, diplomatic, refined, tall-growing, expanded, super, big, agelong, tallish, durable, genteel, upswept, elevated, eternal, overlong, lanky, sesquipedalian, luxuriant, bulky, diffuse, hefty, tough, permanent, lengthened, prolix, satisfactory, long-lived, gangling, protracted, high-rise, eight-day, enlarged, great, politic, plenteous, nightlong, pliable, drawn-out, lofty, king-size, tall-stalked, sizable, daylong, considerate, continuing, supplemented, resilient, tactful, rangy, high, long-acting, substantial, gracious, raised, endless, courtly, stately, hourlong, generous, polite, elongate, long-wool, voluble, seven-day, semipermanent, lavish, bounteous, long-life, gangly, outsize, long-dated, lasting, provident, long-stalked, unbreakable, interminable, suave, long-run, long-winded, long-lasting, tolerable, statuesque, rich, lifelong, leggy, long-staple, hulking, chronic, talkative, mealymouthed, oblong, courteous, polysyllabic, abounding, large, copious, prolonged, smooth, long-snouted, far, liberal, monthlong, plentitudinous, tedious, jumbo,

en short and sweet

en short-snouted